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Re: ASUS RT-AC66U Wireless Router


The router's "auto channel" setting is bugged or something because it will stop functioning after awhile. I went from 72Mbps link on my phone's WiFi to 5Mbps after say 24hrs. I used Wifi Analyzer on my phone to find the best channel in my area (11) and have my transmit power set to 120w (seems to be the best for me and less noise). 2.4Ghz mode is using 20Mhz and gives the best speed results for me. After several days, the router is still performing well and I see no drops in my link speed as before. I am using Merlin's firmware,, at the time of this post.

AiCloud I noticed stops streaming or slows down when my phone goes to sleep. Went into display options and set my display to not timeout and it fixed the streaming issue.

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I've been running this router for a week. I have zero complaints.

I promptly upgraded the firmware to during the initial setup.

There's a 2TB external drive connected and configured for FTP and as a standard network drive. I did this mainly because I had the drive sitting around doing nothing, but it really has come in handy.

My internet service is 60/5 through Brighthouse (RoadRunner) and I get every bit of it. All of my laptops are on the 5 GHZ band and cell phones and other miscellaneous stuff are on the 2.4 GHZ band.

I haven't had to reboot it yet. Wireless coverage is excellent throughout my 3100 sqft house, and I even get good signal outside.
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