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[Internet] Bellnexxia SMTP and OSX not working well together!

My work has a Bellnexxia account, for which I cannot send emails from using Mail.app or Postbox or any other mail client (besides Gmail because I added the account as a POP account).
I can receive emails no problem, but sending them doens't work no matter what server address I use!
I've tried smtp.bellnexxia.net, (works while I'm hard-wired at the office),, and a slew of others!
This is so very annoying, no one at Bell seems to know anything about OSX either which is even more frustrating... I mean, c'mon!

St Thomas, ON

Re: [Internet] Bellnexxia SMTP and OSX not working well together

For your out-going SMTP server settings, make sure you choose "no authentication" (no user-name or password) and "port-25" and "no SSL".

If you've tried that, and the IP's you use still don't work, try this for your out-bound SMTP server (again with the above settings):

This is an intermediate Bell mail handler (I don't think it's intended that it functions as a primary SMTP server) but it does work - but note that if the recipient e-mail address is @bell.what-ever or @sympatico.ca then I think it drops those e-mails without delivering them.



Hi, thanks for your reply!
Somehow I got it to send mail using the Gmail outgoing server! I tried it on a fluke and it worked, so I don't want to change anything but if it stops working I'll try out you options. Thanks again!