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Re: [Troubles] Big latency and slow speeds in North Florida

Live just outside of Live Oak been fighting with them for over 4 years to fix our issues. They changed the date I had for August 2013 to sometime 2015 from a Field Tech I stopped and talked with. Only good thing is I happen to get a contacted an investigator with the FCC last night that had me send him my connection logs and data. So Today at work I sent him a few hundred Gigs of screenshots of speed test and line test along with emails from the CEO, the network engineering head, and other techs with repair dates that were never met. They tell me this is a normal connection at this point.

edit: Added link to latest Line Quality test
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I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
I wondered if others from Florida were here. I am in Orange Springs, south of Melrose by 20 miles about. It's horrible here. But you know, since 2008 this town has lost population. I have lived here 15 years and there are more empty houses than I have ever seen. About every 3rd house in town is now empty. Bad mortgages just like other places. But my point is we aren't growing! What I just read in this thread nearly confirms my theory, that ALL OF FL is OVERLOADED!! It's not just who is on another PIN at your DSLAM, but the bandwidth for the ENTIRE STATE!.

They are either too cheap to buy enough total bandwidth or they are going broke. So all the stimulus money might have been wasted. Bodybagger says he is switched over to the new system and it's just as bad. So are they rolling out new DSLAMs but no bandwidth to feed them? That is the conclusion I am starting to draw.
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I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
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