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Nepean, ON
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reply to Coreyb

Re: Wireless Internet Pole Mounted

said by Coreyb:

Sadly they don't believe me I wouldn't be asking for input if they offered a service to do so. They said it was up to me to get the pole installed.

See if they can recommend any local companies that can do the pole install.


The only pole that I've ever had to put up was for a basketball net, for that I dug a hole got some cardboard tube, see pic below. Put the tube into the hole, the pole into the tube, I support the pole with some guy wires and some big stakes, and than pour in concrete.

Since my basketball pole was only about 12ft tall we dug the hole about down about 3ft.

I used something like this.



Yea I read that I should dig about 3-4 feet down and such, thanks for the tips. Still looking to see how else I can make sure it doesn't sway, maybe brackets of some sort? Wondering if I can find a company locally who could install it for me. What type of companies do that type of work? Anyone Know?