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reply to Telco

Re: Not really unreasonable...

said by Telco:

Typically seniors, tin foil or doomsday preper types, or folks out in rural America do not utilize the internet today.

said by TBBroadband:

Socialism doesn't work for everything, including Internet.

Based on what example though? Unfortunately, the gut-feelings of Glen Beck, faux news, Alex Jones and Rush do not count as legitimate quantifiable examples.

Are you serious? I live out in a rural area of the metro Atlanta area, and I can assure you that many people out here, including myself, access the Internet, and do so quite a lot. The problem is that most people around me don't have access to DSL/Uverse, cable Internet, or any other, reasonably priced, Internet access. I have to rely on Verizon LTE, and my girlfriend works for AT&T and requires internet access, at home, for her job.

She is 39 and I am 33. While we are still young, I can tell you that many "seniors" access the Internet, however they can, quite often. AT&T doesn't give a shit about any of us out here, and our fifty(plus) year old POTS network is on its way to utter failure. So, believe that AT&T needs to be split up again, or have more harsh regulation placed upon it.

We have a ton of fiber that has been laid around our county, but nothing has been, or apparently will be, done with it. The cable digging equipment was out here, working nonstop, three,or so, years ago. A lot of us were hopeful that some service option as coming, but it was probably AT&T laying fiber for future towers, or future tower upgrades.

I love living where I do. I have a lot of land, and privacy. At this point, I, just like there's like me, ahold be able to retain our lives and property and enjoy what those in slightly more populated areas have been enjoying for 20, or so years. We should also seeing the end of people trying to claim that those of us in rural areas are stupid, imbred, and/or not deserving or interested in Internet service.