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Re: Excited

This was already attempted with shows like Stargate Universe, Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Charlie Jade.

Stargate Universe

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Charlie Jade

All of these television properties showed promise, but failed to retain viewer-ship (by Nielsen ratings). SGU and TSCC both started to reach their stride late into their second season yet were canceled. Netflix could bring back one of these shows, but would have difficulty reviving either property due to actor's scheduling conflicts (Robert Carlyle is committed to Once Upon a Time, Lena Headey is committed to Game of Thrones).

On the other hand Charlie Jade saw a number of production issues with the replacement of their writing team early after the first few episodes and got much better toward the end. You might even see quite a number of similarities and liberties taken by JJ Abrams series Fringe lifting ideas from Charlie Jade. Sadly this show was canceled after one season in Canada and SyFy moved the show to 3am timeslot after the first episode(s).


I know about all these shows besides Charlie Jade as I watched them and was pretty sad when they went off the air. Sarah Connor Chronicles was getting interesting ( to me) and I was starting to get into SG:U more after they started introducing some alien conflict into the mix. A writer's strike partially killed that show and they waited too long to add alien conflict into the mix. The problem is that studios don't give sci-fi shows enough of a chance to find their legs before axing them. Netflix may be a good place for these shows. Thanks for coments though! I'll have to see if Charlie Jade is any good.