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Hilo, HI
reply to Fleeced

Re: What's Wrong With Web Mail?

said by Fleeced:

Uh, have you checked your email in another client that removes the mail from a server? Webmail checks the server directly, and if you use any other client (Outlook/Express, Live Mail, Thunderbird,etc) and it's set to "remove from server" it will no longer be in webmail.

I know this. My email clients are set to NEVER delete mail off the server until I manually delete it. I checked to make sure the setting had not gotten changed somehow in Thunderbird and Opera. It had not gotten changed so no mail should have been deleted. (Opera is only set up for dslr.net mail anyway. Opera does not have the terrible problem that Thunderbird and SeaMonkey have had historically with the password for dslr.net mail).
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