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Hilo, HI
reply to TransitMan

Re: What's Wrong With Web Mail?

said by TransitMan:

While i am not using Windows 8, I am using Thunderbird with mail.
You sure you got the right settings for

Yes. Plus, I asked for help more than once in the dslr mail forum here. I got no replies any of the times.

I recall years ago, when I also used Thunderbird, that many of us had problems with the mail password and Thunderbird. I vaguely remember it was difficult back then to get Thunderbird to work with mail and way back there was some help in the mail forum here because a lot of users had the problem. (Plus, the mail forum was active back then).

It may have to do with my using a permanent alias but that should not be a problem. Opera mail has zero problem with my permanent alias and it has no problem with my password. Thunderbird and SeaMonkey just say it was rejected and reportthe dslr server says "Lies! Try again." Google search reveals severe password problems on a historical basis and continuing to present if using Thunderbird or SM mail.
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