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To The Moon
San Antonio, TX

upgraded to LTE, need a new network setup

So i bit the bullet and now using the verizon hotspot plan for $70 a month with millenicom. I gave my sister my old advance plan with my MBR95 since she could use it much more then me so right now im just using my 4620le hotspot for the whole house. I bought a uml290 usb stick off of ebay and it was working fine till I did a firmware update and it took a complete crap on me, cant receive and kind of LTE signals what so ever but im actually getting a better signal with my hotspot so im sticking with that.

The other day I was trying to set up my wireless printer that was previously on my MBR95. I started going through the steps till I reached the part where it asks you to press the WPS button on the wireless router. Doing a bit of searching on the web, the 4620le doesnt support the WPS function so now I need to find a solution.

This is what I had in mind

4620le connected wireless to a wireless router. from the wireless router thats picking up the signal from the 4620, use ethernet going out to another wireless router that would broadcast the signal out to the entire house. With the router thats broadcasting out, I should be able to connect to my wireless printer. Ive been eyeing out this wireless router from cisco/linksys.

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Thoughts/comments much appreciated. Maybe theres a much easier way doing this that I dont know of. Feel free to chime in.

Max Signal
Buffalo, NY
Should check out a WIFI Ranger . I hear the work well with the 4620.

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On The Road
reply to Duramax08
Set a static IP address on the printer and connect it to your mifi. Then on the PC, add a network printer and let the wizard find your printer and add it. You have to have a static address in this setup or the PC won't be able to find it if it changes IP address.

No extra hardware needed.


Salinas, CA
reply to Duramax08
The 4620 is different in that it does not support a wireless device like a printer the way the 4510 could do. Need a Wifi as Wan router like the MBR95 which will also increase the range to laptop computers.

We use the MBR95 with a switch for Ethernet attached computers and printers and a D-Link bridge from the router to the printers in another part of the house. The wired and wireless computers connect to the MBR95 and from there to the Novatel 4620 to the internet.