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tee el cee

Colts Neck, NJ

port a number from another house to 3rd digital voice line?

We have FIOS with 2 Digital Voice lines.
We're interested in a third line and we want to port a number from out of state. (My parents.)

On chat, a rep told me they couldn't port a number to DV. Does that sound right? Why?

Lakeland, FL
The number has to be your area code for DV


Hamburg, NY
reply to tee el cee
That seems strange, since we can request a new number in just about any area code nationwide with DV. I'm not sure why one couldn't be ported in.


Springfield, PA
reply to tee el cee
Oh, and if you have a standard home ONT, you'll now
need a SOHO one that can support more than 2 phone

I had to do that and it was loads of fun coordinating all


Howell, NJ
reply to tee el cee
just port it to vonage


Or buy a Ooma Telo (Voip), have the number ported over and pay about $4/mo (taxes only).


reply to guppy_fish
said by guppy_fish:

The number has to be your area code for DV

I moved with FiOS DV in 2011 and kept my old number in my new home. It is in different area code that the "local" area code here.

Richmond, VA

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reply to tee el cee
Why don't you just get a Vonage line for your parents? They should be able to port the number. I have one FIOS DV line, one Vonage line and one Callcentric line. I'm probably switching the one FIOS line to Vonage in a month or two. The Vonage line has way better voice mail, more features and is reliable as the DV line. For me the big benefit would be in not having to dial an area code for every call. You are probably going to have to make some wiring changes to accommodate a third line, so why not just get a Vonage adapter and plug it in at any CAT5 location?

I'm throwing out Vonage because I like them and they have performed flawlessly for me for 4 years, but there are cheaper alternatives as well. I have a Callcentric NY line at my desk here in VA because they were giving away free NY telephone numbers. I just needed a number... any number. All my incoming calls are free and outgoing calls are 2 cents a minute. I don't make any outgoing calls, so I am billed about 2 bucks a month for 911. I just use that line to route calls from Google Voice. I have a Polycom VOIP phone just for that number. The problem with Callcentric is you can't count on them to be up. They have proven themselves this year to be highly unreliable, although I have had no recent problems. For a reliable line, I'd go with Vonage for about $32/month (edit: just checked $36.88 here in VA) including taxes. You parents might even be able to make 7 digit calls back to their home town.


Fanwood, NJ
reply to ajricaud
I second Ooma. Fantastic service.