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Port Byron, NY
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Re: [Northeast] High pings / bad routing...

That's such bull. So they won't do anything about it just because "It's only one router".. Guess anything so greedy corporations won't have to spend a buck. Fios is supposed to be fast and lower latency than cable, dsl etc.. this is ridiculous for a fiber optic network. This seems like a widespread (for the Northeast) issue that likely affects more than those that already posted here. Such ignorance on their part, they need to fix it before their customers decide to switch to another isp. I had the occasional spike on Time Warner but nothing like this. I had Time Warner for around nine months, my first month with Fios and I'm having problems with their service.

I have an online friend that lives in Romania who had low ping to a server in the USA, they have faster speed at a fraction of the cost of Fios. Sad is the state of isp's in the USA and we are supposed to be a first world country.
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This is honestly getting ridiculous. It's happening in NY, NJ, CA, PA, verizon needs to admit there is a problem and solve it. But why would they? They don't give a crap about customers.

Like you, I had Time Warner for 6-7 years and switched to Fios back in August. No problems until now, but if these problems continue, we'll see about the future with my Fios service.