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Edgewood, TX
reply to DesertOne

Re: Home Fusion disconnects

I'm about to call in and tell them to give me discount for them using a crappy hardware vendor. I'm not supposed to be paying for multiple disconnects per day because of bad firmware and or hardware.

I don't know who designed the HF hardware, but it's horrible. It's basically two routers that are bridged together with very little customization. You can't change the IP subnet, unlike what you can with other routers from other vendors.

The router and radio should have been one box with the Cantenna being a RF amp and highgain antenna. Would have been easier to work with.

Hopefully, the coming firmware update will fix this problem and possibly add more customizing features to the router.. Doubtful thou...


I hope an upgrade will come soon cause HF is a great home service gaming is so smooth for me.