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Pearland, TX
reply to signmeuptoo

Re: [Rant] Do not go for vacation to Hong Kong

said by signmeuptoo:

My time in the Phils has had a profound affect on me. Fortunately, almost everyone speaks at least some English, though they mix in words, and almost everyone speaks both the national language, which is a form of Tagalog, and their own island's parlance. Most Pinoys are tri lingual. Just imagine if American school children had to tackle such a challenge, all while suffering a grumbling stomach due to no food for days?

Personally, I LOVE the customes in Cebu, my wife's home. I love their ways and how things work. Sure, some things aren't as good IN MY MIND as here in the USA, but there are many other things better there. You have to take each place on its own merit.

asa ka sa Cebu ning puyo sir?

[read: where in Cebu did you live?]

you were spot on with your description with how Cebu is...I lived there for 6 years after graduating from College in Manila.

Bless you Howie
Cebu is the second city as they say. A few million people in the greater Cebu area.


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I have been to HK a good 10 times if I count once for the past 10 years. It is a great place to visit, a lot to see, and has some of the best drinking areas off of Lockhart and Hennesy road and parts of Jordan.

Nobody goes to Asia anymore to buy electronics - stay in the USA for that and order on line. The only thinks that I have found that are decent is clothing, and HK isn't the destination for that either (Try Thailand).

Next time if you want clean asia vacation that knows english, stick to Singapore, but don't come back and complain that it is expensive as all get out.

Also Macao and HK are SAR's and not part of China. HK is also one of the best destinations (beyond Spore) that know english as a second language. If you can't make it there, don't try anywhere else...
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