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Re: [Internet] Bell Fibe 16 issues with torrent speed

said by mpact:

Thanks coaxguy and kovy.

Speedtest result: Download Speed is 13.90 Mbps and upload speed is 0.62 Mbps.

Talking about bit torrent, if download rate @ 1.0mb/s, is it normal that it utilize my full bandwidth, such that my other computers were unable to connect to the internet?

As mentioned, once download is completed (or download speed is dropped to some 450kB/s), then everything returns to normal.

P.S. I want faster speed. Would you suggest upgrade Fibe 25/10 with Bell, or go with TekSavvy (or Rogers) for 28MB Cable Internet plan? Does 25 vs 28, does it make a significant difference?

I heard that Cable Internet is shared usage, so it can be affected if my neighborhood are watching TV etc?

I personally enjoy my Fibe 25/10, especially with the nice upload speed. I myself had a 30/2 package with cable before switching back to Bell. I am very satisfied with my 25/10.

"Shared" cable internet is only a half myth. Your neighborhood is on whats called a node, a small block of homes and apartments, etc on one trunk line eventually heading back to the cable companies main plant.

Your neighbor watching TV does not affect your internet. What affects it is the number of people in the node currently using the internet and using IP features of the cable system, like video on demand of digital cable. If there are a TREMENDOUS number of people online and using these services, the node suffers congestion which can affect your speeds and connection.

I for example live in a node where one street is full of student residences, so pretty much 90% of houses have 5 people in the house sharing a 14 to 30 meg connection. For me my own 30 mbit connection went down to about 5-10 after 10 pm when everyone in the neighborhood jumped online.

Ive never used TekSavvy, I am happy with my Fibe 25/10 and unlimited bandwidth through Bell.