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reply to hussle87

Re: IPV6

said by hussle87:

Question I use open dns and I have a ipv6 capable modem and router
Is there anything I need to do since I am not using comcast dns servers?

said by hussle87:

Anyone from comcast know when my area will get ipv6 turned on?

said by hussle87:

I found this page on ipv6 on opendns website. Is this what I set it to on my router. and how do I get it to resolve both ipv6 and ipv4 addresses?

I think that you need to start this thread over and tell us if you are having a general problem getting IPv6 to work, or if you are just having problems with OpenDNS.

In other words, does IPv6 work if for you if you just use the Comcast DHCP supplied DNS servers? Once everyone knows exactly what your problem is, then we can work on a solution.
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