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reply to TexasRebel

Re: Fixed LTE for business

said by morbo:

Did you end up doing this for your business client?

Not yet. We're focusing on some new server hardware and a major software upgrade for their main office.

said by TexasRebel:

I would say just install it under your client's name and don't say anything about it being for a business. I figure as long as they don't have any web servers running on the connection, they should be ok. Just hope that they can stay below 30GB for approx $140 a month including the monthly warranty, taxes and fees. Hitting 50GB will send the monthly bill at nearly $350... in $200 of overage charges. $10 per 1GB is a good VZW a$$ reaming...

That's a good idea, thanks. This is one of those "just do it" type of clients, so price is no issue. There would be very little traffic anyway.


Allen, TX
Another option you can look at is using a cradlepoint router which uses the USB data cards. They typically allow for remote antenna installations too.

These are considered permanent implementations.