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[WIN7] Device Driver Software Not Successfully Installed

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Driver failed to download.
This is on a brand new installation of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on a LENOVO W500.

Prior to getting a virus, my original Win 7 installation was able to see my Android phone and access it like a hard drive with folders.

Since doing a clean install, I am unable to do anything but send files to the phone over Bluetooth. The Devices and Printers show a big "!" next to the phone. So I right click Troubleshoot this device.. searches Windows update for a while then proclaims it was unable to find a device driver. I've spent 36 hours rebuilding, downloading updates and am just beginning to reinstall my apps. But something as basic as this isn't working as it did before. I didn't have to do anyting by pair the phone last month to get this to work. I don't understand why it is different now. I installed all the Lenovo drivers. I'm out of ideas now on how to get access to the files on my phone.

You mean something like this?

» ··· DS013631

However as we do not have the exact model of the laptop- it can't be confirmed as the driver you need.
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Where did your previous Win7 installation disc come from and did this come from the same place? Did you install the previous Win7 yourself or was it pre-installed?

I'm asking, because obviously something's different this time around, and the likely thing is that last time, Win7 was installed from a source that had the right drivers from Lenovo.

Windows Update doesn't guarantee to have everyone's drivers. Only those that have been submitted to Microsoft.

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It has been a while since I worked with Lenovo systems, but in the last job I had, that is all we used at our company.

From what I remember, if you go to Lenovo's site, and put in your full model #, you should be able to find the exact drivers for it. By full model #, if you had a T400 laptop, you would have to tell them thinkpad T400, machine type 2768, and model 11g. That full number, (in my example 2768-11g) should appear somewhere on the laptop. If I remember right, its on the bottom of the unit.

Once you have that, you should be able to go to this page

» ···

and then start the process to get you to arrive at the drive download page for that unit.

If you see the attached picture, that is what I come up with if my laptop was the one I was using as my example (T400, Model # 2768-11g).

--Brian Plencner

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