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Indianapolis, IN
reply to aguen

Re: Desktop freezing, BSoDing, and turning off

For some reason Windows didn't give me the option, but I was able to rename it in recovery console.

I'm going to try putting my old 5770 in and see if I get issues with it. It seems like there's a graphics issue here, but I don't understand why my cpu usage goes crazy during these freezes.

Okay, I tried to be extra thorough to get rid of all graphics drivers and then reinstalled my old 5770 with the latest drivers. I am still getting the same freezing problem. In addition, the computer is now no longer detecting one of my hard drives and the side panel case fan is no longer running. Maybe this is all a power issue? I don't have another desktop power supply that I can switch out to test with. Anyone know how I would test/look into this?