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Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable
reply to neumannu47

Re: Typical Customer Data Usage

My usage has varied significantly over the past few months. Then again, what I've done with my connection has varied significantly over the past few months.

At the high end, I used 238 GB in a month. This included online backups, some TV show downloads, a few seasons worth of Netflix, a couple Steam game downloads, a partial backup reseed, and my normal assortment of general usage. Last month I used 57GB, but I was gone for half the month, more or less. This month I'll end up using between 85 and 90 GB, including an OS download and a few TV show downloads, plus the regular complement of activities.

What are those activities? Some YouTube viewing (in the highest possible resolution...I can SSH into a SoftLayer VPS to get better connectivity and remove all buffering issues), a significant amount of online gaming (not much traffic overall, even with patches for two different game installs) and online backup are probably the big consumers. Oh, and streaming of various gaming-related events, again in 1080p. Then I've got application downloads and updates for two dual-OS computers, updates for a couple Linux VMs for work, updates for an Android phone and an iPad, a significant quantity of web browsing across a variety of text/image-heavy sites, a few hours per week of Google Talk (voice) and/or Google Hangouts (mostly GTalk, for work)...and dealing with software version control that's not hosted on my system.

In other words, I use my connection for an extremely wide variety of traffic types. My usage isn't all that great, partially because lately I haven't wanted to tie up significant amounts of time watching online video, but I'm also one person, and outside of seeding a torrent there's only so much bandwidth that one person can consume. I've had my name more or less on accounts that have hit 750GB, but in those cases my usage was maybe half...okay, two thirds...of the entire amount, due to backup seeding. It's amazing what happens when you've got half a dozen folks sharing a fast, reasonably reliable 'net connection (50/15 Comcast at that point).

For the record, I'm certainly paying my fair share...maybe more; I've got 50/5 service. When TWC comes out with a residential tier with more upload speed, I'll get it. If they come out with a tier with more download speed without additional upload speed, I won't get it. That's their own fault.