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reply to brookeKrige

Re: $19.95 Uverse Internet-only promo no more?

said by brookeKrige:

Doesn't help you to order it, but can find $19.95 u-verse internet only offer:

from »www.att.com/shop/internet.html click Offer Details:
»www.att.com/shop/en/Upper_Funnel ··· les.html

U-verse Internet only intro-pricing offer:
... for new AT&T Internet customers only... U-verse Internet intro pricing for 12 months applies as follows: Basic Internet: $19.95, ... Offer expires 3/16/13.

The first link you posted is where I got the prices I already posted, and there is no "Offer Details" link that goes to the second url you posted when accessing that site from my geographic area. The only U-verse plans/prices that are visible to me (no matter how many "view details" links and similar links I click) are the ones that I previously posted.

Here is what I see on the first url you posted:

Here is what I see if I click on the "View Details" link on the above page (same plans/prices, just a different page format):

No where on either of those pages could I find an "Offer Details" link.

AT&T has always had different DSL and U-verse plans and prices for the legacy SBC areas and the legacy BellSouth area, and that is not likely to ever change. I suspect that finding a backdoor entry point to a page that was not intended to be viewed by a second class legacy BellSouth area dweller is what caused problems for the OP. Just because you can find a page with an offer that is not meant for you, doesn't mean that AT&T is actually going to allow you to sign up for any plan described on that page.
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