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reply to brookeKrige

Re: $19.95 Uverse Internet-only promo no more?

said by brookeKrige:

Doesn't help you to order it, but can find $19.95 u-verse internet only offer ...

What NetFixer See Profile says is true. When I start here:

»www.att.com/u-verse/explore/inte ··· 3LCIJo2R

I come to an availability page which is pre-loaded with the residence zip code I am checking. I can enter the street name as "Butterfly" (obviously not the actual street name), and it takes me to the pages of my screen shot.

But when I follow your link, the availability page zip code field is blank, and the page chokes on, "Butterfly", offering the "corrected, "Butter Fly" instead. And finally, does not display the same information as I got from the links I followed.

The only one clue to the actual location of the OP; but NetFixer See Profile is clearly pulling prices intended for his "AT&T Southeast" location (which is consistent with the OP's forum choice), which is legacy Bellsouth while I am pulling prices intended for "AT&T West", which is legacy SBC.

I don't know where you found those links, because it looks like you are very close to me.
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said by NormanS:

There only one clue to the actual location of the OP; but NetFixer See Profile is clearly pulling prices intended for his "AT&T Southeast" location (which is consistent with the OP's forum choice), which is legacy Bellsouth while I am pulling prices intended for "AT&T West", which is legacy SBC.

And even when you go through the web site front door and place an order for a plan that the web site tells you is available, you can't really count on it actually being what you will get. Recently a nearby neighbor told me that he was able to order 24mbps U-verse HSI, so I took a look to see if AT&T had actually installed a stealth VRAD or fiber fed RT DSLAM somewhere nearby. The web site "confirmed" that my address was able to get the 24mbps U-verse HST, and it kept saying that all the way through the order process until the last page where I had to click a link authorizing the order to be processed. When looking at the details of the order on that page, the 24mbps U-verse HSI had suddenly been replaced with 3mbps FastAccess DSL instead (which is what I already knew was the only service available to my address). Anyone who did not look closely enough on that final order confirmation page would assume that they were going to get 24mbps U-verse HSI. I later checked with the neighbor, and he had indeed just clicked through the confirmation page, and had actually been hooked up with 3mbps DSL. He was pissed, but he had in effect signed a one year contract in order to get a promo price, and he was stuck with the 3mbps DSL service (but I checked, and at least he had a good clean signal).

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Miami, FL
I just picked this up on the Slickdeals site. Looks like West Coast service. This is someone's current experience.......


AT&T Uverse Internet 18 mbps, $28/month for a year
AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Max Plus

Download Speed up to 18 Mbps

$28 per month for 12 months (1 year contract)


A few days ago my last 12 month promotion expired, so I was going to be charged $46 for Uverse 6 mbps service (HSI Elite). For the last 12 months I had received $10 off per month.

I called AT&T Customer Service (800-288-2020) to see if there were any new promotions. At first, I was told the only deal they could offer me was $15 off for a year for the current plan with a 1 year contract, which would come out to $31 a month. Not a bad deal, but I can get about the same price with Charter with about 3X the speed.

I decided to press more, so the rep ask her manager to see if there were any other deals. She found a deal for 50% off the HSI Max Plus (18 mbps) for a year, which is normally $56 a month.

Here are the order details from my account:

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet

SAVE ONLY IPDSL/HSIA NO TV-50% off/12 mo 1yr term Active -$28.00
AT&T U-verse Internet 1 Active $56.00
TOTAL $28.00


Note that there is an early termination fee of $180, which decreases a certain amount with each month of service. There is a cap of 250GB per month, which may not be sufficient for some users. Apparently the cap has been present for a few years, but has never really been enforced at all.

If you're curious, I'm located in the Los Angeles area. BTW, don't bother doing an online chat, those people are out of the country and have limited access to promotions. When I called the number, I got someone who actually is located in the US. Smilie

I only have Uverse for internet service, so it's an unbundled deal.

-- update 10pm PST 1.30.13 -- some more details

I called 800-288-2020 at 11:45 AM PST. When asked for the reason for calling, I said "cancel Internet". I believe I was connected to the Midwest call center. I told the rep I was going to move my service over to Charter, but wanted to see if AT&T could give me some incentive to stay with them. After the initial offer which I mentioned in the post, I hesitated and asked if they had any better deals. She put me on hold for a few minutes while she talked to her manager, and came back with the deal I ended up getting. Total call took about 15-20 min. From my experience in the past, if u don't like your offer, call again until you get a rep willing to put in the extra work to find you the best deal. I have been an AT&T uverse customer since 2009. Have always been able to get some type of promo during this whole time.