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[Config] ASA-DMZ

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I need some technical Help For cisco ASA 5510
I have Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall (version 8.2). My ISP give me two Public ip pool .
Please find below example ip add details
Outside interface ip /
My LAN Ip: (user ip start:
DMZ Ip is My local Subnet:
(My Server Ip add is:
ISP Also Give Me one other 6 public Ip Pool ( to 70 /
I have below mentioned question
1 If I am configure inside to outside it will work internet
2 But in my scenario how can i configure DMZ .Because ISP Give me to different Public IP Pool
3 I have already request to ISP to give me One Public Ip pool with 6 useable Ip address but right now he don’t give me one single Puble Ip pool
4 So can u help how I can configure ASA 5510 right now? It will work or Not?
My existing scenario is attached.

The Public IP subnets your ISP provided are sufficient to do what you are trying to accomplish. Before we go further, please clarify on how you like the network behavior be as follows.

* Do you plan to setup DNS name for those servers in DMZ? If yes, then you should assign Public IP subnets to the servers instead of Private IP subnets to simplify BIND and name resolving mechanism

* Is there any DHCP or PPPoE requirement to establish connectivity to the ISP?

* Is there a ISP equipment installed in your premise to deliver this connectivity? If yes, is it modem/router combo, (pure) modem, Smartjack, Muxes, or else?

* Is there a plan to provide IPSec or SSL VPN services into internal network?

* What type of license does the 5510 have? An output from "show version" is sufficient.


Hi ,

I need help for configuration DMZ & LAN in ASA.
because My Lan User geting IP form DHCP IN ASA-
its working...
but how can i configure two public pool in my ASA because if i configured / pool in outside interface then my internal user access internet .
can u give me guidance how i acn configure DMZ in asa & how To use Second/ publice Ip Pool IN MY ASA .

My Question
how to configure ASA in this Senario
how to use bothe Public Pool In My ASA .... Guide Me Step

Please read the questions posted and provide detail replies in order to move forward. Keep in mind that you will help yourself by putting more info and providing detail answers to people here who are trying to help you