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Ai Otsukaholic
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reply to HiDesert

Re: Pocket change for the 2nd run Samsung

That was "then"? That was about 6 months ago with ICS and they still don't ship with all the codec packs, you still have to go get them along with 3rd party players trying to find something that works without frame dropping.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note better not frame drop given it is only pushing 1280x800 ($500 for the 16GB model with such low rez...ouch) That is a far cry from 1920x1080 that the TF700 sports or the 2048x1536 that the iPad 3 and 4 sports. Sure, my TF700 wouldn't frame drop if I re-encode down to HD-lite but then why own a 1080P tablet...can't play 1080P videos reliably and there were no apps...should have picked up a TF300.

And why would I jump through all those hoops to run a 2nd rate OS on horribly built hardware like that found in the Android space? Why would I take 10 steps backward simply to run Android? Why would I re-encode and keep a special set of duplicate everything to run a miserably convoluted and poorly thought out OS like Android that is 3 years behind iOS in usability? I wouldn't and I don't even try any more.