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Nokesville, VA
reply to rell89

Re: [speed/latency] Is verizon lying to me?

And @Youngblood I used the speedtests available here on dslreports and speedtest.net. But I could just guess based off trying to stream content as well as how fast files downloaded. Not the most scientific test, I know, but it was confirmed when I called tech support and they told me what I was getting were the same speeds as before.
Cool, understood ... just sounded to me like you might not have actually tested it, y'know?

I wish that I could help you with accessing transceiver stats, but I only have the briefest experience with the one of the Actiontec models (set one up for my cousin's wife a few years ago). I have a Westell 6100.

Your post is the first that I have heard of a 1.1-7 Plan. If I were you, first thing, I would get something in hardcopy that states my Plan is 3.1-7Mbps (the Plan with which I am familiar) ... even if that is only a screen capture of the page showing that in your online account (in Windows ALT-PRT SCRN will capture the image in the active window and then you can paste & save it in a proggie like PAINT [mspaint.exe]). With such "proof" it will be more difficult for them to argue that you were mistaken in what you thought you were told.

BTW, whenever I must make such deals on the phone, I always have a pad & pen beside me a jot down dates, times, names, details and then, at the very least, send them to myself in (saved) email form for documentation. In the past, in several instances, such documentation has been critical in resolving new "misunderstandings".

Now I will step back, and watch the Actiontec Masters and VerizonDSL Forum Gurus in action as they help you to a resolution.

Best of Luck!

Oh, one last thing, since 2005 I have only run into one instance of actual VerizonDSL LYING going on and that had to do with a few questionable folks in Mumbai. I am convinced that such behavior is almost always a case of RightHand/LeftHand ignorance.