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From Mazilo
Lilburn, GA
reply to scanman1

Re: Automatic Phone-Line Switch for SAT Box CallerID &2 line ATA

Why bother to spend all your time hacking out a box that can ONLY do a single task while you can simply build a Digital PBX System that can do more and also help you resolve the issue? All you need is to configure your PBX System to ring any incoming calls to two extensions, i.e. any regular extension + a designated extension. Then, configure the line on your ATA device connected to your SAT Box as the designated extension to your PBX System. This way, whenever there is an incoming call, the designated extension will ring and your SAT Box will be able to detect the incoming CID to show on your TV screen while the other regular extension that is supposed to ring will also ring. As an option, you may also wanna configure your PBX System so that you can pick up any other extension to answer any incoming calls. This way, you can put an extension phone next to your couch and configure it not to ring, but just for your convenience to pick up to intercept an incoming call.
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