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Utica, MI
reply to urbanriot

Re: Giganews less reliable, best alternative?

Tweaknews is what I'd recommend. Here's a site with a handy list of usenet providers, both US and Euro and their pricing. Personally, I'd take advantage of the trials first, to confirm whether they have the groups and completion that you are looking for specifically.

»www.ngprovider.com/euro-based-us ··· ders.php
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Cleveland, OH
For those that don't require 1500 days retention:

1) Stay away from The Big 8 backends. They are taking the brunt of this.

2) You are going to pay a little more for a little less to get what you want. You need to find a small private provider with low retention. 5-10 days is enough for new releases. Tip - go about 15-20 pages deep in Google the answers are right in front of you.

3) Automation, Automation, Automation! It is the key to managing your downloads. Monitor RSS feeds and setup up your own indexing site.

If you need the retention I agree with the guy above. You can use any EU server and have much better results than in the states. An EU block account is always a damn good backup.
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