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Niagara Falls, ON

Fusion Telecom - Start Reseller in St Catharines

What is the advantage/disadvantage of signing-up through reseller ? It seems they are just sales, for technical support we need to call Start.


As with all resellers it makes sense to use them if they offer you something different than the company they are reselling, if you have a special relationship with them.

The quality of the service itself, the billing, customer service and tech support is done by Start. Start agents are answering very fast for both sales and support.

You may get a better deal from a reseller sometimes on modems and routers (if they have more, different models than the company they are reselling), on special installs (if needed) or for other specific needs.

Otherwise there is no difference, neither better nor worst for you to chose a reseller vs the main company.


Why go through a middle man? They are obviously not reselling it for the fun of it, they making something off ya!


London, ON

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reply to loyd
I think the reseller agreements can vary, widely. Bigger ISP's should of course have some 'standards' they need the reseller to agree to.

When I first joined OntarioDSL for my 5M DSL, I had no idea they were a reseller of TSI. I just picked them from a list from Canadian ISP, probably because they were cheap; MAYBE even cheaper than TSI at the time I signed up for them. I had no idea who TSI was either, so they didn't look any better to me. Hey, I was just getting away from Bell!!!

And I phoned ODSL (Gavin?) for support, not TSI!

It was only when a support call sometime in my 2nd or 3rd year was re-directed to TSI support, that I even found out ODSL was defunct, and I was apparently now a TSI customer. No communications from either company came my way at all. Still, other than TSI's email service, I had no connection/support problems worth mentioning over the 8 years I had that service.

I guess a reseller COULD simply be a person with an answering machine, and separate emails for sales/support/billing, working from their kitchen table or basement in their spare time!