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Alpha Phoenix
Brooklyn, NY
reply to Robotics

Re: [Help] Best 10" Android Tablet?

Been leaning more towards the Nexus 10, but wanted to get more feedback from you guys. The reviews on it look pretty good.

Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT
The only "off" thing about the Nexus 10, and it would not be a problem for me, but certainly could be for others, is the lack of an external memory slot.

Having seen the Nexus 10, I must say that the display is downright stunning compared to the last generation screens, and after all, for a tablet, the screen is your interface.

What I like about the Transformer series is that they are well-appointed as far as connectors go. I would probably have a tough time choosing between the TF700T versus Nexus 10.
Deeds, not words

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

1 recommendation

I am still of the opinion that in 10" tablets the ASUS Transformer line is hard to beat for most bang and function diversity for the buck.

And if you don't have to be current cutting edge, you might look into refurbished older models like the T201 (basically the same as the T-300) which if comes ICS is OTA upgradeable to JB.

Currently I have the T-201 (JB) and am very happy with it.
It is quite capable... In fact just a few min ago I was Juice app streaming a TV video to my Roku/tv, doing two downloads, moving some keeper stuff to USB HDD, and putzing around doing mail, WWF, browsing etc.... all at the same time!!