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reply to Hordeforlife

Re: Are you on an imbalanced server?

Imbalanced server... What about Mal'Ganis? (holy crap)

The two servers I've experienced are Eredar and Altar of Storms; both pretty equally balanced. Both medium to low populations. You'd think the experience would be the same also but it hasn't been. On Altar of Storms, there were always PuG calls every night. It occurs on Eredar, but not nearly as frequently. (LFM Sha excluded). Same thing with guild recruitment. Myself and two other guilds are the only three guilds actively recruiting on Eredar. Seems to me that the population is more established and raid with their guilds more than PuGs. Both servers have seen a huge loss in player base transferring to other servers though.

AH experience has been about the same. I'm sure world PvP in CRZ areas would be the same (because it takes the server out of the equation essentially) but I don't see the same level of ganking in Pandaria on Eredar that I experienced in AoS. I was Horde on AoS and not a day went by that I didn't get ganked by a lvl 90 Alliance player on my journey to max level. On Eredar, I rarely had that problem. Although I'm Alliance on Eredar so maybe it creates a theory that Alliance is where all the ganking occurs (counter-intuitive).