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3+ years, hard to believe

If anyone actually believes you, why havn't you found another provider?
I find it hard to believe that anyone would stay with any company for 3+ years if they are experiencing what you're describing.


Sunset Beach, CA
I was on TWC before, I switched to Verizon because i thought it would be better. A few years ago fios was only offered with 2 year contracts so i was tied for the first two years. Then during my complaints they told me if i upgraded to a faster internet (35/35) the latency would be better. I upgraded and it didn't fix anything but that tied me for another year. My cell service is also Verizon and I like having everything on one bill. TWC had better gaming latency but it suffered from peak our slow downs, verizon has been slow all the time. I can link you some videos i made of my gameplay if you like?
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