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Extreme Aerobatics
Campbell Hall, NY
reply to scififan68

Re: SB6141 question regarding channel bonding

said by scififan68:

Only TWC can upgrade the firmware on there end, and when TWC adds more channels the chances are you'd have to reboot the modem to get them but they would be there. I'd also like to say that your upstream power levels are low, closer to 40 is recommended.

TWC can upload a new provisioning file to my device - I do not believe they can or will upgrade device firmware especially on a customer owned device..

My question still stands - will re-provisioning additional channels (by TWC) casue the GUI to display the additional channels or is the html code behind the signal view flexible enough to add additional columns to the table?

As for the signal levels - I am 2000 feet from the road and have an underground feed from the pole - TW installed the spliiter and ran the first tap to my cable modem. They have looked at their equipment on the street and verified signal at that point.

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