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Re: [Rant] Do not go for vacation to Hong Kong


I would skip Tokyo and just go to HK for vacation, then hop down to Saigon or BKK for your vacation. It will be much more enjoyable and much less than Tokyo. I find Tokyo to be this big gray monolith that is too expensive, and too stuck to themselves (it is harder for outsiders to get along there).

also speaking of experience (and being in Shanhai last week), Shanghai is definitely dirtier than HK. I also find it to be a little bit more difficult than HK for someone who doesn't know Mandarin / Cantonese.

Also, as you know, Having a Phillipina wife/GF is definitely different than having a Thai, Chinese, Taiwan, Korean or heaven for bid Indonesian wife / gf. To lump them all in "asian" category is a bit of a hazard (IMHO).
This post is made with meat biproducts.

Bless you Howie
Indeed, like lumping all women from south of the border as the same.

Filipinas are very often very devout Catholics, are very very superstitious (it is amazing some the cute things my Alain thinks and says), many idolize American men simply because we have a reputation of being more evolved and less likely to cheat on them.

I am not expert on people of the world. If I ever won the lottery I'd travel a lot to learn from others.

I wasn't intentionally lumping Asian women in any way, women are women, however, people are people; each person is special and have their own quirks.

There is hardly anything that one could generalize about Easter cultures. I have, however, always found that Vietnamese women are sometimes the most attractive.

But one thing is food. I don't like some Filipino foods, but I do love some Viet and Thai foods. My Alain knows that I love ethnic foods but that, even though I've eaten many pinoy dishes, much of it (the organ meats for instance) I don't like.
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