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Port Byron, NY
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Re: [Northeast] High pings / bad routing...

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First picture is my traceroute to Second picture is my traceroute to the game server here in NY that I usually play on. Besides higher pings, slow browsing and timeouts I have lag issues when playing my game online even when my ping is low.

Edit: My route to the NY game server is being routed through VA and back up to NY, similar to the above users route when performing a tracert to


Tyngsboro, MA
I mentioned this in a another similar thread... Not sure what routing was like before Sandy, however I'm up about 25miles outside of Boston, and all of my traffic goes thru NYC, even Boston traffic from what I can tell. What's interesting is before Sandy, on (and others) I pretty consistently hit 85/38 on speed tests regardless of time and date to Boston servers with low pings. Now Boston servers give me poor performance (8 - 40mbs), while NYC servers give me my 85/38 most of the time (also with really low pings.)

Since I noticed all my traceroutes have been going thru NYC, I've stopped downloading stuff from MA mirrors and started using NYC/NJ mirrors as they are much faster now. I wish I had a traceroute before Sandy to see the difference.