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·Verizon FiOS
reply to mikev

Re: [Northeast] High pings / bad routing...

said by Xtreme2damax:

Besides higher pings, slow browsing and timeouts I have lag issues when playing my game online even when my ping is low.

Those are packet loss issues not usually lag. Trace routes take just 3 samples, if you ran a continuous test on that IP with a large sample size you'll probably see dropped packets.

said by mikev:

I'm sorta surprised that you go from Syracuse, NY down to Culpeper, VA (CLPPVA), then back up to NYC on alter.net... Culpeper is my first hop as well, being west of the DC area, but it doesn't seem quite right that yours is too.

It definitely looks like Verizon's got something messed up somewhere as far as routing goes... whether it's their own internal network or their links to the outside world, something definitely isn't right.

Up is down, down is up in this new bizarro world. When I had really bad timeouts last weekend, even Verizon's own website and mail system was down! How do you explain that? Unless they host it on third-party CDNs?