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Harrisonville, MO
reply to Snuffbox

Re: Are you on an imbalanced server?

said by Snuffbox:

Hordeforlife - what is your infatuation with statistics and wacky surveys?
It is literally all you post about.
Just curious...

If the last three posts qualify as "literally all" then I guess...

As stated in the post, I had originally planned to test some PVP on imbalanced servers. Since I learned that Battle groupings have gone the way of the Dodo, I decided to find out more about life on severely imbalanced servers since I plan to go ahead and level.


nice irl
Milwaukee, WI
Last three?

You've been doing this for over a year...

Someone used to troll you about an old blog post/claim - I don't even remember who it was or what it was about...

Either way, I'm not picking on you - just an observation.

I like satistics myself, unfortunately this site is really not any sort of reasonable sample size to indicate much in most cases.

Maybe using the poll feature would be helpful?