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Springfield, MO
reply to Skippy25

Re: Not necessarily the result of Google

correct net alone is 70 and net + TV is 120 + taxes and fees
there are few add ons too if you want them i think for every thing its like 140? but that gets you the Starz and Showtime on top of a very good line up
AND a free Nexus 7 + 2TB whole home DVR + 1TB cloud drive

yea id say thats a killer deal
i dare any one to fined a better deal any where in the world
that would be worth 120 bucks on its own but it comes with a 1Gbps systematical internet connection too


Carbondale, IL
You said anywhere in the world. Bad idea.

Part one of our package: Hong Kong's $20 1Gbps FTTH line.

»www.fiercetelecom.com/story/hong ··· 11-06-07

Since Google locks you into a 2 year contract, you've got a pool of $2880 + taxes and fees to work with. For convenience, I'll ignore the taxes and fees in this calculation. $20*24=$480, $2880-$480=$2400.

I'm not very knowledgeable on current TV pricing, so I'll set aside $50 for that. $50*24=$1200. $2400-$1200=$1200

Current price of a 2TB drive? $90 to $110, so let's pick..$100. $1200-$100=$1100.

Oh yeah, 1TB of online storage. $30/mo can get you a full VPS with 1TB of RAID'd storage, 10TB on fair-share of a gigabit, and 512MB RAM. Even better than Drive! The example provider in this case is BuyVM, who charges for 10 months if you order for 12. In this case, that's $30*(12-10*2=20), so $600. $1100-$600=$500!

Oh yeah, Google gives you a router too. Don't worry, $200 should buy you a high-end router without any issues. $300 left!

A Nexus 7? $200. $100 left!

Hey look! For $100 less than what you'd pay for Google Fiber over two years, you can get:

1Gbps internet (same as Google)
$50/mo to spent on dedicated TV service from whoever sells TV in Hong Kong (same or greater than Google)
A 2TB drive to store your media on (same as Google)
A 512MB/1TB/10TB@1Gbps VPS for 24 months, which should give you better performance than with Google, and can do quite a bit more than just store files (better than Google)
$200 to spend on a router — you can get a VERY good router for $200, quite certainly one better than Google
A brand new Nexus 7 (same as Google)

You asked for it. Maybe next time you won't say "anywhere in the world".


Springfield, MO
no TV and no free Nexus 7 no 2TB home DVR and no cloud storage
TV alone runs 100+ for the same stuff you get with Google
and a 2TB HDD is not a whole home DVR your looking at another 2k for a good HTPC setup


Carbondale, IL
Actually, I found exact numbers from HKBN.

1Gbps + Telephone + TV = USD $68/mo

24 month contract, comes with FREE Samsung GALAXY Note II LTE (16GB), as well as a FREE gigabit 802.11N router (DIR-655).

$68 * 24 = $1632

-$600 for the VPS...

DVR? Just get a bloody NAS drive. A DS112J will run you $150, a 2TB drive is another $100. $350 for a complete home NAS that can act as whatever the fuck you want to to act as. Need a media endpoint? $100 can get you a roku or an Apple TV. Still need a proper DVR? I'm sure HKBN would be happy to rent you one, and I doubt it would cost more than $200 USD for the 24 months of rental with the prices HKBN charges.

To sum it up: The same or lower price as Google can get you:
Samsung GALAXY Note II LTE (16GB)
Gigabit router with 802.11N
2TB Synology NAS
1TB offsite VPS
Apple TV or Roku
A DVR of some sorts

With Google:
Nexus 7
1TB offsite storage
2TB DVR thingy

Boom. Next argument please.