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Oklahoma City, OK
reply to bchandler02

Re: [OK] Another day, another Cox outage

Yes, happens with or without.

There is a silver lining to today's problems. Not 2 minutes after the tech walked out, it did it again, this time on the Cisco modem. I ran outside and caught him and he came in and saw it first hand. He was on his tablet and said the modem did not show as online despite him staring at 4 solid lights. After a few phone calls, he said the people that need to look into it are out to lunch and he'd get back to me this afternoon.


Portsmouth, VA
Sound's to me it could be a noise related issue within the node, and it's causing the modem to lose sync, but not to the point the modem reboot's. Have you tried running traceroute's for a long period of time? to see what it shows when the internet is working, and not working?


Oklahoma City, OK
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Yes, I've been using pingplotter. During "normal" operations everything looks perfect, great times, consistent, etc. Then, I go to 100% packet loss during the outage, and then right back to normal.