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Pearland, TX
reply to Geno71

Re: [Rant] Comcast Treats Long-Time Customers Like Garbage

said by Geno71:

John in SJ / asjamias: The infrastructure upgrades in this area were done long ago and haven't been upgraded again since. At that time the bill went up maybe $4 or $5 a month I think, and I understood the reasoning for that and did not complain about it.

In fact as they pay off all those facility costs (maintaining the same number of employees in the area basically), their overall costs likely go down a little bit for delivering service to existing areas where no further digging / installing / etc needs to be done. At worst it's probably a wash. Cost of wages rise VERY slightly for customer service people and the like (in fact avg worker wages have barely kept pace with inflation the last 20 years - look it up), while the cost of the facilities go down over time.

how do you know that the infrastructure hasnt been upgraded since? 11 years ago, there wasn't any Docsis 3.0.

you can never pay off facility costs as it needs maintenance done by qualified people or engineers that needs to get paid to be able to deliver the service you are subscribing to...

and just like what we do in manufacturing, we maintain machines to be able to keep it running and making parts, re-tooling them, upgrading etc. to be able to meet the demand for current and newer parts and that's not even including the engineers, electricians, machinists etc. that we need to pay to run those machines...

you run a small business, you should know that...not unless you dont run a business that doesnt run on any machines at all.

you're getting the speed that you are paying for. all your gripe is about fees which is the cost to run their business. if you don't like it, you can jump ship anytime.

what you think is unethical won't be able to pay or feed a family just like yours.