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Heave Steve, for the good of the country
reply to LastDon

Re: Installation issue & bell tech salesman... electronicbox

said by LastDon:


I have one provider already, on my home line which has a traditional phone line.. and we were going to keep that service for alternative work related things.

Anyway, I signed up for electronicbox to have a dryLOOP installed.

Bell tech comes to my house, and right away starts off by saying

"Why bother, go to Bell they have unlimited internet now, and you don't have to worry. " THIS went on for ten minutes of my explaining why and all that crap.

Anyway I paid for the install, etc and he told me to get a new line i'd have to pay extra etc etc..

He went to the pole after did something comes back to me, and says

You can't have a dry loop and a phone line at one house, it is not possible and it is not something we do... you have two choices

cancel you internet with your current provider and use the phone line because you can't have a dryloop

OR go with BELL

I know a few people that have what I am doing, with a dryloop and a phone connection so what gives

what pisses me off more is that he was very Persistent on selling me Bell...... so f'ing annoying.

All the more reason to simply BREAK UP BELL.