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Re: [Rant] Comcast Treats Long-Time Customers Like Garbage

said by Geno71:

The infrastructure upgrades in this area were done long ago and haven't been upgraded again since. At that time the bill went up maybe $4 or $5 a month I think, and I understood the reasoning for that and did not complain about it.

Maybe the outside cables and amps haven't been replaced in awhile...

At the very least the CMTS has been upgraded relatively recently to DOCSIS 3... not to mention the routers upstream of it and interconnects between them. In 11 years, it's probably 4-5 generations of gear that have been installed and replaced in the local headend and network.

With DOCSIS 3 comes increased maintenance requirements to keep those multiple channels clean and usable... but that's another topic.
said by Geno71:

Dr Drew: why do you ask? The modem is DocSis 3. As stated multiple times, I AM getting the amount of bandwidth allocated by the plan.

Actually you never stated you had a DOCSIS 3 modem on this thread and the only mention of modems from you I can find on other threads just says you have a Ubee modem with no markings other than MAC address and serial number: »Re: [Rant] Chicago Area HSI: Paying $70/mo for less than 30Mb/s

Your first post here says "Internet-Only (I am at the Performance 20-25 Mbps tier AFAICT -- no part of this involves a service level change), been a customer for a little more than 11 years now I think". AFAICT means "as far as I can tell". I take that to mean you're not sure what tier you have. Performance tier can be 20 mpbs down / 4 mpbs some reports of 24down/4up depending on the area, but the the tier should really be listed on your bill or account. The tier you're receiving shouldn't be a "AFAICT" issue.

The other part is the Performance tier wasn't 20 mbps down / 4 mbps up 11 years ago.
In 2012, Performance was upgraded to it's current speeds for most:
»Here's Comcast's Coming Speed, Pricing Lineup
In 2010 it was upgraded to 15 down / 2 up:
»Comcast Shaking Up Speed Tiers (Again)
In 2008 the Performance tier was 6 down / 1 up:
»We've Got Exclusive Details On New Comcast Speeds, Prices
In 2005 the Performance tier was 4mbps/384kbps:
»news.cnet.com/Comcast%20to%20rai ··· 306.html
In between all the bigger upgrades, minor speed bumps have occured.

So from mid 2005 to today, 7 years, the Performance tier has gone from somewhere around 4/.384 to at least 20/4 if not slightly more. Seems like incremental, regular increases in performance to me.

If you want lower prices, downgrade to a lower tier. It'll still be faster than what you had 11 years ago or 5.
Two is one, one is none. If it's important, back it up... Somethimes 99.999% availability isn't even good enough.


Pearland, TX

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excellent post DrDrew See Profile!

he didn't pay attention to the speed bumps he got...he only looked at the price since he may have thought and felt like the speeds were the same to him...

he may not know it too but he may have a defective or outdated modem to which may have affected his speeds in his other posts that's why he just can't get the satisfaction he's looking for.