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Buffalo, NY
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Re: No value

Your problem is your addicted to the kool aid. You telephone hookup bundled with your package is obsolete and worthless. Even if you do use it the cost to provide that service is virtually nothing compared to what you pay. So basically your paying 150 for cable and internet. Its common knowledge the ISPs are overcharging for internet and putting less and less back into the network. So everyday your paying more and more for the service when you should be paying less an then even less as time goes on. This changes if they are actually reinvesting back into the network the way they should be. Last but not least your cable tv. I'm not even going to bother because if can't see the continued loss of value on top of their being no value to begin with then you just can't be helped.

Your continued support for all this garbage is only prolonging the agony of the industry too stupid to see for themselves how bad their business really is. Good job! Meanwhile your service is about to skyrocket even higher due to everyone else around you realizing what I've been saying for years and dumping services that don't make any sense or have any value. So your fine with having your wallet raped now but soon you wont be. You people are going to make up the loss in profits due to the cord cutting from others.


·Time Warner Cable
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I'll agree with that...
I had DirecTv - and it NEVER went out, but the pricing went only 1 direction - UP.
Similarly, AT&T is the POTS/ISP here, and their POTS + DSL cost me $80/month, add in another +$40/month for DirecTv, and its at $120 + fees/taxes, and that was to get 3Mbps. Any time the cities sprinklers went off (daily) DSL would drop for an hour.

On the cable side. TWC has its own issues,but I started out paying $90 for 10/1Mbps, phone and 2 cable boxes.

I'm now at 20/2Mbps, phone and 2 cable boxes + DVR for $120, 4 years later.


Portage, IN
·T-Mobile US
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said by FLATLINE:

Just like I've been saying for years and people are slowly realizing there is no value to any of cables subscription packages.

Seriously? I have Comcast and pay just UNDER $150 for TV, phone with unlimited long distance, and 20/5 internet. And service that I can count on one hand how many times it has been down in the last 6 years. I remember paying the days of paying $80 for basic phone and DSL "line charge" from Verizon, $30 for DSL ISP service, then paying $75 on top of that to DirecTV.

So, $185 for a phone line with no long distance and 768/128 DSL, and a dish that goes out every time the squirrels mated too close to it.

You couldn't pay ME enough to switch back to satellite and/or whatever glorified DSL the telcos are rolling out.