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Re: Car Insurance Question

I would recommend being as honest with your "new" Insurance as possible.

This is a big problem in my area, involving Washington and Oregon. Many folks in Vancouver, just across the Columbia River from Portland, will register their cars in Oregon, yet live in Vancouver. It too is a short drive. License, taxes and other fees are much, much less in Oregon. Though the penalty in getting caught, the last I read is quite high. And every once in a while will do a "sweep", that is well publicized in the News.

I moved from Oregon to Washington, recently to help out my aging parents and kept my vehicle licensed and insured in my old state for as long as I could. I am in an area with a lot of out of State Licenses from the Military Bases and drove the vehicle very little. I am way farther North and flew under the radar with the rest. I too still have ties and addresses in my old state and will eventually return. As I do not know how long I am going to currently live here.

Eventually, my Insurance contacted me as to my status and we switched States, no big whoop. Except my premium went up $8/mo and some of the coverages increased to my benefit with the Washington Policy. I assume there are databases that they subscribe to that alerted them.

I believe some of the Key Elements are - where is the vehicle garaged the most, where is your employment, where are your credit card/bank statements addressed, vote, address used by the IRS, where does one rent a apt or residence and such.

On the vehicle, I have a loan through my Credit Union in Oregon, my old State. When registering it in my new State's DMV, they left the Title with my old State and just changed addresses on it.