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Irving, TX
reply to cdru

Re: Can't locate main water shut-off valve

said by cdru:

said by Bubba:

In our area and presume most areas of US, we can turn our incoming water off at the water meter. All the homes I've owned in TN, ARK and MS, the water meter is/was located at the street in front of our homes.

Every water meter I've ever seen in my area is indoors. It's never been outdoors. Then again, we have a 36" frost line so it would make things a little hard to look at on a monthly basis in the pre-RF days.

Very different in the south... I've never even heard of a water meter being indoors. They're always by the street in the front yard.


all outside up here too. we do also have main shutoffs in the crawlspace though (at least all the houses i have been in that are 50yrs or younger)