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Rider on the Storm
not Sweden
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Re: [iPhone] Next iPhone revision?

I'm still weighing my options... and now a new player has come into the mix... the Windows Phone. I just upgraded to Windows 8, and while it's still new to me and I haven't come to a verdict on it... I don't immediately hate it. It has potential and is a pretty radical change from what "normal computing" looks like... and it might even be good.

But that's not why I'm posting. While researching the Windows Phone, I ran across this: »www.theverge.com/2013/1/30/39332 ··· ion-july

If I understand this correctly, Google will stop using ActiveSync as of July 31, which will have a somewhat negative impact on users of non-Android phones. If ActiveSync is off the table, and one is a pretty imbedded Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google calendar user... what is one's fate as of July 31st if one has an iPhone or a Windows Phone? Are the replacement protocols that Google will use as good as ActiveSync? Or as a Google user, will I now be "heavily advised" to go Android to maintain as seamless as I can with Google's lineup of services?

Seems kinda crummy that Google is dropping support for ActiveSync for Windows Phone (and iPhone?!?) users.