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reply to BimmerE38FN

Re: Status of d-link

said by BimmerE38FN:

Using Teamviewer and remoting in with that user to help them get there router set well doesn't require any kind of liability insurance sure. While you are remoting in, the main user whom you are connected to is watching you and every move you make.

You have obviously never run your own business and supplied products or services to customers. There are people who will sue you for anything imaginable (and even unimaginable). I have had extortion threats for activities not unlike using TeamViewer on customer equipment (such as being blamed for injecting malware that was present long before I touched their equipment...and was in fact the reason I was doing the work); and without proper liability insurance, I would have had to (at the very least) pay legal fees (that far exceeded the cost of the liability insurance) to defend myself from such attacks (either that, or just give in to the extortion).

Even if you are a corporate drone and don't directly pay for your own liability insurance, if you have any interaction with your employer's customers, you can be sure that your employer has liability insurance (or very deep pockets and a permanent legal staff) to protect the company from any perceived actions that might be even remotely attributable to you.

Note to the OP: I am in no way insinuating that you are an extortionist, I am just making a common sense reply to BimmerE38FN See Profile regarding the need for liability insurance for anyone who provides services to customers (even pro bono services to non-customers).
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