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This is a sub-selection from TWC sucks

Brookfield, WI
·Time Warner Cable
reply to chamberc

Re: TWC sucks

said by chamberc:

said by swarto112:

Poor customer service, inherent pointing fingers to others within company, invest in infrastructure, channels dont all come in, just bad pricing for little return.

No disagreement with the customer service and incompetence within that area... but to get all the channels we get, 75/5 internet and unlimited calling for home phone for $220 bucks with 2 dvr's/1 playback box, it seems like a decent deal to me.

Its a poor deal. When the channels sometimes work and sometimes dont. paying close to $160/mo for home phone, 20/2, 2 HD boxes, 2 cable cards for TiVos. that about triple what it was 10 years ago only difference is we get fast internet...on paper. I paid for beter quality video, way faster internet and more channels for that price. But my only other choice is U-verse but they dont support TiVo which means there infrastructure is even worse.

Poor infrastructure and compression...if they just upgrade stuff once in awhile it'd be way better.

Ive stopped using their worthless wifi router, put my handy N900 on the one complains about poor wifi now and it handles the traffic so much better then the crap they roll out.

I dont understand it, TWC buy such inferior products with inferior software on it. They spend a fortune on support staff. I just came off of FIOS, you plug it in your self, it works, any problems and they rush out at no charge.