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reply to Trooper

Re: What AV are you running?

said by Trooper:

Hi folks,

I am curious what AV everyone is running these days. I am normally an Eset guy, but my license is going to expire soon. Would prefer something light and with good detection/cleanup capabilities.

I have used Avast in the past, and it was usually pretty good. Just a few fp's over the years.

I am hearing good things about BitDefender of late, and I still think Avira is pretty strong.

Looking for some recommendations for a Windows 7 machine running x64.

Thanks folks.


P.S. Not sure if I am going to renew Eset, so looking for some insight.

after drivin' my pc like an 18spd, over the road peterbuilt.........i've just taken all my pro detectors and parked em' in the garage........since i'm a comcast customer........i'm now running the latest NISSuite..........my system is an i7-920 Dell Studio w24gig of ram......w7ProSP1-64Bit....now opn full auto..........will see
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