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Death From Above
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reply to Anon212

Re: [Phish] New Phishing Scam On Facebook?!!

said by Anon212 :

well as i said the link takes me to a facebook app that has no icon and nothing works on that page except the submit button and the name and password fields (typical phish page), i noticed also that before two days there was a "i forgot my password" link that when you click on it takes to a 404 page, this link is now gone.
the guy did a good job making there message appear real (except for some misspellings at the end) but his phish page is too obvious but even though i think many people can fall for this trick

check the email header info.........it'll be there.........better yet log in 2FB and send a fyi off 2admin..also check you FB msg box....there should be a copy from admin in there............however.....i think you are on to a new species here...keep us posted.......jd
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