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Gulf Breeze, FL

[FL] Goodbye Mediacom - It's been a lousy 34.5 years of Cable

Had to drop TV & lower internet tier due to money a ways back.
Then got notice I was about to exceed cap.
Called to add TV back and increase internet tier.
Waited all day.
Got call from scheduler saying the installer left note on door.
No note on door. Installer incompetent.
I didn't want to go with AT&T Uverse.
However, they at least seem to want my business.
Have to wait until free of Jury Duty next week, then AT&T gains a long-time cable (Mediacom) customer.
Goodbye Mediacom. I gave you every chance.


Re: [FL] Goodbye Mediacom - It's been a lousy 34.5 years of Cabl

Good luck with your new service!


Des Moines, IA
reply to JimRPh
You'll be back once you realize AT&T is 100x worse to it's customers.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
reply to JimRPh
I apologize for the problems you have had getting a tech to your house. If there is anything I can assist you with, feel free to message me with your phone number or account number and I will do what I can to make things right.

Gulf Breeze, FL

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reply to CappinHoff
Are they worse than cutting my cable without telling me when my lines "apparently" produced some noise?

Are they worse than showing up without all the ordered equipment? That's happened multiple times over the years.

Are they worse than when Mediacom contractors ran a cable over the roof of my neighbors house to get to the back room?

Are they worse than trading a bad modem for a good one?

I suppose the scheduling could be worse based on what I've read.

I expect to be able to record fewer shows based on what I've heard. It's not necessarily a better choice, but it's a choice I feel I've been pushed into making.

Just how many times can I, or anyone, justify letting Mediacom do wrong by me before at least trying someone else?

Believe me, I was not wanting to change based on what I've heard about Uverse, Satellite, or DSL alternatives. However, this latest offense was just too much, especially when I wasted my day and the moron installer went to the wrong house. Then they could not even re-schedule for the next day, and I have Jury Duty next week making any future scheduling uncertain.

I received an apologetic call from the Mediacom's scheduling office today, but with no offer or alternative to resolve the error.

All I can imagine doing now is changing, and voicing my concerns to the BBB, FCC, and my county, state and federal reps. I know my experience alone won't move them to action, but I suspect I'm far from alone. Only by speaking up can we be heard above the lobbyists.

You may be right that I'll want to come back, but why pay a premium for punishment? I've got several alternatives I can try while hoping better options will become available.

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San Jose, CA
·Pacific Bell - SBC
reply to CappinHoff
said by CappinHoff:

You'll be back once you realize AT&T is 100x worse to it's customers.

Eh? More like six of this and half a dozen of that.
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reply to JimRPh
To give more info to anyone that may read on here before making a cable choice. I forgot to add it in my original review, but I have had mediacom do this on several occasions also. Our couch is 8 ft from the door and installers have claimed they knocked, and so they cancelled the appointment because we didn't answer.

I know its cheaper, but mediacom really should get a bettering HR manager because they do not hire quality individuals a good deal of the time.