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Re: I have Comcast

said by Happydude32:

said by 54761437:

Why do you keep saying you refuse to cut the cord? What value is there in cable TV? Most programming now has turned to garbage, and cable rates only keep going up.

get a ton of value out of cable TV. Netflix sucks. It’s not even worth the $8 they charge for it. They content is stale. And personally, I don’t want to wait a year or more to see a show I’m interested in. I’ve been looking forward to the series premier of The Americans on FX for months. It premiered last night and I will be watching it in a few moments. How long before Netflix gets that? Off the top of my head I can name upwards of 50 shows I watch on a regular basis on cable or premium cable. And that doesn’t include things like Buffalo Sabres Hockey or NY Yankees Baseball, which always get priority #1. It doesn’t include NASCAR Races, NLL Lacrosse when it’s on CBS Sports Network. Or all the other NFL, NHL and MLB games I get on Sunday Ticket, Center Ice or Extra Innings. Plus The ‘I Love’ series on VH1, Roasts on Comedy Central or various paranormal shows on History or Bio. Saturday night premier movies on HBO and Starz and various other movies and special events on the movie channels. Stand up comedy specials on HBO Comedy. NFL Red Zone, MLB Strike Zone, ESPN Goal Line.

I With the amount of enjoyment I get out of the huge amount of current run content available to me I have no problem with my vary large both Time Warner and DirecTV bills. Netflix is a joke, Hulu is a joke, OTA TV is next to useless aside for Sports and Animation Domination on Fox, although that new show The Following is pretty kickass. Could be better if it was on FX though, with less restrictions.

So which online services do I have to get to get to get all of that content in current run form?

I agree, my Comcast Xfinity boxes get way more use than my first generation Apple TV. The TV right now is tuned to The Weather Channel, but I also watch Fox News, 22 News (WWLP newscasts), Cops, Music Choice (hit list, pop hits, '90s hits), Law & Order, CSI, etc. I had Netflix but is not worth my $8 per month so I cancelled. I also have my home phone and Internet through Comcast.
I've experienced ImOn (when they were McLeod USA), Mediacom, Comcast, and Time Warner. They are much better than broadcast TV.

I have not and will not cut the cord.